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Project Description
uTableSDK is a toolkit for rapid prototyping of multi-user windowing system and multi-touch, window-based applications on interactive tabletop. uTableSDK is powered by WPF, and contains a rich set of multi-touch controls, gesture recognizers, input providers and examples.

Download last release here: uTableSDK v1.0 + Examples


  • A rich set of multi-touch controls
    • Basic controls: button, toggle button, radio button, checkbox, combobox, textbox, etc.
    • Advanced controls: keyboard, dialog, pie menu, book viewer, grid viewer, scrollviewer, etc.
  • Multi-touch and gesture handlers
    • Zoom, rotate, translate gestures
    • Draw line, circle gestures
  • Various inputs support
    • Multi-mice and TUIO input
    • Virtual keyboard input
  • Window management policies
    • Physics layout policy
  • Configuration and logging support
  • Visual Studio project and item templates
  • Rich examples to demonstrate how to use uTableSDK to rapidly create multi-touch applications


  • .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 or 4.0


  • Install uTableSDK by running install\install.exe (make sure you run as administrator), this will copy the dlls, item and project templates to the corresponding folders.
  • Start Visual Studio, click File->New->Project->UTable->UTableApplication, and create a uTable application project
  • Develop your application



  • Start development with uTableSDK's project template: 

start developing with uTableSDK's project template

  • Applications developed by uTableSDK:

Interact with several applications at the same time

  • Applications developed by uTableSDK: interact with two workspaces at the same time

two workspaces on tabletop


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